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November 09, 2004

On America

November 9, 2004

Kerry was doomed. Not because of national security or the war or the economy or jobs, but because those of us who were greatly concerned about the Religious Right never stopped to do that most basic of political procedures: we didn’t take a nose count.

If you bother to look at “the numbers behind the numbers” one of the problems with the recent election polls is that too few of ‘em asked about moral values. If they did, it would have saved Democratic contributors a lot of time and money.

Hubris sucks. We were too self-righteous to even think that about a third of this nation is so fundamentalist that gay marriage, abortion, rap music, Howard Stern, teevee, and drug use would actually mobilize those who believe that the time has come once and for all to shove their Old Time Religion down our heathen throats.

We are no longer a nation that tolerates true freedom of religion; actually, we ever were.

The Religious Right started its own Jihad, and they’ve just begun. They’ve got their god on their side, and they know that the Rapture is just minutes away. Screw the environment, it doesn’t matter if everything is going to burn. Screw the national debt, it doesn’t matter if the bills won’t come due. Just smash the heathens – they’re all out to get us anyway, you know. If you don’t agree, you godless hump, then you’re simply too September 10th.

There is plenty of evidence that the power amassed by the Religious Right during this election is the cause of great concern by old-line Republicans (including bible-thumper Bill Buckley) and by a growing number of neo-Cons. The funny thing is, if the Republicans were to have stuck with its “mind your own business” philosophy, I’d consider signing up. But these days I’d have to run the gauntlet of well-dressed Klansmen to register.

Sure, it’s oil. Sure, it’s big business. But if those guys didn’t know how to use the Religious Right to further its agenda, they’d be a fart in a storm. Christ Uber Alles, and anybody who thinks otherwise, anybody who believes in science or the First Amendment, will be marginalized as “anti-Christian.” As if all Christians were believers in the Religious Right. As if Christianity was the majority religion on this planet.

But, of course, there’s always an amusing element in every sociological chemistry set. There are idiot Jews out there like Joe Lieberman who are so ignorant of history that they actually feel some kinship with these bigots. These Jews are the true Fools For Jesus. The Religious Right needs Israel to get off their Rapture, and there’s no seat for Jews or Catholics or anybody but the most fundamentalist of fundamentalist Christians on the rocket to the real promised land. You’ve already been tattooed, Lieberman, and the number is 666.

– with a tip of the hat to George Carlin.

Posted by Mike Gold at November 9, 2004 06:28 PM

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