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November 09, 2004

On War…

November 9, 2004

I am not a pacifist, but I must admit I have adopted a unique form of pacifism.

I deeply believe that we, as individuals, have a right to defend ourselves. No question about it: you attack me, or my family, or my friends, and I am going to respond accordingly. But how far out does that circle go? Where does it stop?

Admittedly, I’ve lived in this New England neighborhood 16 years, and in the aggregate I’ve never seen a more irrelevant catch of cold fish in my life. Screw ‘em; I wouldn’t take a bullet for any of these stuck-up assholes. But that’s not the point.

My zone of defense stops where the government starts. I do not trust the government to make the decisions necessary to put lives at risk. Unless one is a direct beneficiary of such actions – the blood-soaked minions of Halliburton and the petty Oliver Warbucks wannabees raised on reality television and tales of Trump – I can not possibly understand why anyone with any sense of morality would feel otherwise. Certainly not the self-righteous self-obsessed followers of our Bigot in Chief, who obviously can bomb the heathens into oblivion and risk the lives of our noble youth because, fuck it, his Rapture is coming anyway and the heathens are just going to fry in hell anyway for eternity so what’s a few extra years?

As for our nation’s noble youth, well, if they believe in the right deity they are going to spend eternity singing praises to the great white CEO in the sky, so they should be happy to get a head start.

You know, if I were of warrior age and I was stopping for a religion, I’d pick Islam. At least I’d get to screw 72 virgins, which is not necessarily a good thing, and have 600 year long orgasms, which probably is.

So as long as our rootin’ tootin’ heathen-hatin’ ornery bastard, biggest dick west, east, north and south of the Pecos elected assholes like Lyndon Johnson and the Georges Bush get to call the shots, I’m a pacifist. But don’t mess with my family unless you really want to start singing those heavenly hymns.

– with a tip of the hat to that other Texan from Wyoming, Yosemite Sam

Posted by Mike Gold at November 9, 2004 06:29 PM

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