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March 01, 2006

Traitors To America

If your senator is not named Russell D. Feingold (of Wisconsin), Robert C. Byrd (of West Virginia), Tom Harkin (of Iowa), or James Jeffords (of Vermont), or possibly Daniel K. Inouye (of Hawaii), then your senator is a traitor to the Constitution, to the spirit of the American Revolution, and to the very concept of democracy. The very best thing that could happen to the remaining 95 villains is that a justifiably angry and betrayed populace removes them from office.

America has now become the Soviet Union of the 1950s. We are no different, except for allowing the practice of Christianity – which is rabidly becoming mandatory in this country.

For the record, Feingold, Byrd, Harkin and Jeffords voted against the “modified” Patriot Act. Inouye, showing even less courage than the remaining 95, declined to vote.

In case you’re curious, the changes in the Patriot Act include disallowing libraries to be subjected to a federal subpoena issued without the approval of a judge, removing a proposed requirement that recipients of such subpoenas provide the FBI with the name of their lawyer, and allowing allow individuals to challenge gag orders when they have been subpoenaed to produce personal information. However, these folks would have to wait a year.

That rumble you may have heard Wednesday afternoon was the sound of our founding fathers and Revolutionary War soldiers turning over in their graves – and throwing up. These fascist senators have made “patriot” a dirty word. They have done more damage to America than the 9/11 terrorists.

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